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Innovations to Power the Industries of the Future

From the Field – Digital Asset Management

Augmenting technology to monitor, manage and maintain distributed assets that run through the supply chain, can recoup more value while also reducing carbon footprints. The energy industries ties up multiple assets, when integrated with digital technologies, can optimize performance of man, machine and operations at every level.

Digital asset management (DAM) technologies mirrors the performance of physical assets to bring accurate data/analytics of equipment and processes in real-time to find opportunities to optimize cost, carbon emissions and operational deficiencies.

JB Power is partnered with Atos to provide a 360-degree view of your energy assets by connecting various digital threads in a unified system.

From the Sky – Energy Asset & Performance Management

Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) / drones are fast replacing manual inspections in managing energy assets for regular maintenance and repair functions. The ability to capture high resolution pictures / videos makes UAVs a necessity for maintaining operational efficiency and predicting energy outcomes on the case of Solar and Wind assets. Surveying field assets and landmass such as transmission lines, cross-country pipelines, hydro-electric dams & water bodies etc. have never need faster and risk-free.

Together with 3C Digital Pvt. Ltd. we bring you the latest solutions to manage your plants, RE Energy and Oil & Assets.

From the Sea – Ocean Hybrid Platform (OHP)

India has a long coastline of approx. 7,500 km, with estuaries and gulfs with abundance of sunny days, predictable waves and wind all year round. Perpetually increasing land cost is making solar & wind energy projects challenging to justify.

We bring through our value added partner a bundle of sustainable power generation technologies, designed for harsh maritime environment. Through SINN Power GmbH (Germany) we offer this unique tidal platform modularly integrating photovoltaic cells, small wind turbines and their patented wave energy converters. In addition to generation it also integrates storage and distribution modules for safe energy evacuation.

SINN Power’s renewables portfolio comprises of the SOcean (an Ocean Hybrid Platform for harsh environments) and SLake (a calm waters floating solar platform) and own power electronics SGrid which were specifically developed for longevity in ocean deployment.