Drone intelligence for Powergrids

  • December 7, 2021

In a defining move to integrate greater speed and hyper-accuracy to monitoring and maintaining power grids, JB Power has entered into a new partnership with Smart Digital, a global leader in providing process automation solutions via UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

As digitization seeps into every process and operations across industries, the need to automate planned and unplanned inspections across power grids have become pivotal to supply sustained energy to a large scale and evolving user base. The value of drones is best exemplified in its use to capture valuable data across environments that are beyond the reach of existing data capture technology. With integrated sensors to collect and analyze vast amounts of data, drones integrated with AI processing technologies can quickly scale its system to provide immediate responses to handling emergencies on grid lines.

Together with Smart Digital, JB Power offers innovative drone-based solutions to survey a variety of field applications; ranging from the transmission, distribution, restoration, patrols, inspections and more. According to Girish Bhayana, Co-founder & CEO of JB Power. “We believe that the technology is ripe for adoption across power grids in the country. Apart from capturing data, drones also automate several manual procedures to ensure safe and reliable operations that mitigate human risk and enable faster mobilization to tackle maintenance issues on the grid line.”